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Blessed assurance

Assurance occurs now, you have to know now that you are saved without any condemnation ...
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Metathesis 2015 (themed Mandate)

It was the final day of the week-long youth conference, Metathesis 2015 (themed Mandate), and ...
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God is on Your Side

Foundational scriptures; Rom8;31. 2Cor5;16-19. Ministering: Bishop Mike Okonkwo “YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR ...
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Authority of the Believer (Psalm 8: 4-6)

The powerful sermon on the Authority of the Believer (Psalm 8: 4-6) was delivered by ...
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Rev Ugochukwu Orgaly came to open the closing service of the word celebration with his ...
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Day 4 of Word Celebration

Rev Segun Adenowo opened the service and prayed fervently over the service after which the ...
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From the Presiding Bishop of TREM


Receive what He has done

2 Peter 1:3 ‘’According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue.’’ Dearly beloved, as you continue in the fast, I come to remind you of a salient truth that whatever you need in…

Daily Devotional



“Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.”
Hebrews 13:9 (KJV)

Confessions for the Week


Daily Confessions for October 4th – October 11th 2015

I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. He rose again triumphant over death, grave and hell. He is sitting at the right hand of the Father God from where He will come to take me home. I am glad that I am saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. While I am…

Testimonies in brief ...

I want to thank God for a successful surgery, which I had to undergo for the removal of a lump. Big Mummy counselled me and prayed for me and to the glory of God, everything went well.

My salary was not paid alongside other staff and I found out that my bosses had placed me on suspension for no apparent reason. God did terrible things in righteousness and delivered me; all my benefits were restored with nothing broken, nothing missing.

Halleluyah!!! February 10th, exactly one year ago, the devil had wanted to take my life but the God of all grace had mercy on me.  I thank Almighty God for giving me another chance to live again.

He took us from a very humble beginning to where we are now. The results of each year’s theme are clearly visible in our lives, particularly in 2012 (tagged the year of Greater Glory) as eight out of twelve prayer requests were fully granted.

As a child I could have been long forgotten because I suffered from a terrible case of measles when I was just 7 months. It took the grace and mercy of God for me to survive. The pain will not allow me to narrate what my mum told me, concerning my childhood.

The G12 Fellowship has helped me get closer to God and serve Him in spirit and in truth. I am grateful to God for His direction and grace upon my life.

For me, marriage was trouble. I had seen the experience of my parents, uncles and aunties but contact with TREM married couples in my G12 fellowship healed my mind. Today, to the glory of God, I am engaged and will be married this year.

We took my two year grandchild to a hospital where the doctors said she would have to be operated. I decided to bring her to church where all the pastors prayed for her at length. After three days, she was discharged without any operation! I thank God!

My wife and I were planning to travel to Dublin but thank God for Big Mummy that said we should stay back for a while. In the space of few months, God bombarded my wife and I with a big business that yielded so much. The rest is history. Thank You Jesus!

I was scheduled for a surgery to remove a lump on my left breast but Big Daddy prayed for me. On the day of surgery, the doctor tried to locate the lump before cutting me open; behold he couldn’t locate it. He called the attention of the second doctor and they couldn’t find it!

I want to say a very big thank you to TREM Family for standing by us during our challenges, and I ask God whom we all serve to meet you all at their very point of needs in Jesus name.

I was rushed to hospital as I had symptoms of a stroke. As I was entering the car, unstable and dragging one leg, I told God to bring me back home walking normally. He did.

I had been diagnosed with typhoid about two weeks back and in my entire life, I had never been so sick that I couldn’t  walk, eat or breathe fresh air. I did not know that my day of healing would be the ground breaking on October 1st  2012.

My son was taken away 3 years ago by the police for what he knew nothing about. He was later incriminated and charged for robbery but he was innocent. To God be the glory, my son was discharged and acquitted last September 2012.

It had been my desire to join the Federal Civil Service but it looked very difficult. To God be all the glory, I got a job as a Staff Nurse/ Midwife even though so many other Orthopaedic Nurses were not taken.

The Word LIVE

  1. You better be careful, when God begins to laugh, know that danger is around for the enemy.

Psalm. 2:4- “He that sitteth in the heaven shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.” – Bishop Mike Okonkwo

  1. There is nothing that the devil brings against you that can defeat you.

John 16:33- “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” –  Bishop Mike Okonkwo

Don’t tell people what God will do for you…don’t worry… the result will speak for you #wordcelebration2015

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

It takes greatness to bring out greatness in another #wordcelebration2015

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

#wordcelebration2015 God can’t bring you this far to abandon you

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

#wordcelebration2015 What is inside you is coming out!

#wordcelebration2015 You are loaded with blessings!

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

#wordcelebration2015 Sometimes pressure is what you need to bring out your secret creativity…we must simply learn to manage pressure.

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

You can’t serve God and be stranded…It’s not possible! #wordcelebration2015

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

You are about to be announced #wordcelebration2015

Christ’s work is completely complete and perfectly perfect #wordcelebration2015

#wordcelebration2015 Your bad situation is simply your stepping stone to greatness

#wordcelebration2015 God has a way of reserving all you need for the day you need it

#wordcelebration2015 I am Blessed!

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

#wordcelebration2015 I am taking my place!

Bishop Wayne Malcom

#wordcelebration2015 THERE IS A LIFTING!!

#wordcelebration2015 God puts you there for a reason

Bishop Wayne Malcom

#wordcelebration2015 Shine in your Arena!

Bishop Wayne Malcom

#wordcelebration2015 Always take Christ into the Arena of society… For we are spiritual Gladiators

Bishop Wayne Malcom

Speak in tongues, because they are mysteries that give you strategy. – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

Do not limit the limitless God. You can be in the prison today and the palace tomorrow. – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#wordcelebration2015 Your biggest success comes out when you step into the center

There are two strongholds in a kingdom: Gates and Palace

Gates gives you access and Palace gives you control.  – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#wordcelebration2015 The religious corner doesn’t produce converts instead it brings out competition

Favor is the door no enemy can shut. – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

To change the chaos in your life, you have to let God into your life. – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

Transformation is always an inside job – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#wordcelebration2015 You have to be in it… To win it!

Every recurring event is a pattern, a pattern is defined by principles which brings about promises, with promises you can make a prediction. – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

Obedience is the ladder that brings down your blessings. – Rev(Mrs) Iloh #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#wordcelebration2015 God is moving us from our corner where we have no power, no voice….. and bringing us to the center

To access God’s blessings you must live in obedience. – Rev(Mrs) Iloh #WORDCELEBRATION2015

The devil will put fear in you, but you must answer in faith. – Rev(Mrs) Iloh #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#wordcelebration2015 God wants people to see us not just in one dimension of power but instead… all four pillars of power

Ignorance will make you loose hope – Rev(Mrs) Iloh #WORDCELEBRATION2015

If a tree be cut down it shall sprout again, how much more you the child of God. – Rev(Mrs) Iloh #WORDCELEBRATION2015

God is still seating in the drivers seat of your life, no matter the situation – Rev(Mrs) Iloh. #WORDCELEBRATION2015

Don’t fight your neighbour cos you might need them in times of adversity. –  Pastor Deola Ojo #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#wordcelebration2015 Power is like a throne siting on four legs.. . Politics… Economics… . Culture…. And religion

There are certain people you don’t fight. Don’t fight the man of God. – Pastor Deola Ojo #WORDCELEBRATION2015

You need networks. The woman borrowed vessels at the instruction of the prophet and God. If not for her good relationship it would have been an impossible task. – Pastor Deola Ojo #WORDCELEBRATION 2015

#WORDCELEBRATION2015 No enemy can prevent your rise to the top

#WORDCELEBRATION2015  Patterns lead to principles which contains a promise and if its from God then you can make a prediction.

#WORDCELEBRATION2015 Don’t limit a limitless God

Don’t waste time trying to impress other people that don’t matter in your journey of life #WORDCELEBRATION2015

#WORDCELEBRATION2015 Jealous people want what you have while envious people feel you don’t deserve them…Neither matter because they are not key in your life.

God doesn’t inform the believe of everyone around you because its not everyone that matters#WORDCELEBRATION2015

Whatever stands between you and whatever you want is your Jericho! #WORDCELEBRATION2015

It takes prophetic vision to celebrate tomorrow as it it was yesterday – Bishop Wayne Malcom #WORDCELEBRATION2015

No Mater how low you have fallen, you will rise again #WORDCELEBRATION2015


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